Brewcraft 10 Litre Fermenter


This is a small fermenter for those who purchase the little  "Brewcraft Air Still". With a capacity of 10 litres, it is ideal for those in a small Town House situation, or those who are getting a tad older, and can no longer lift the full 25 litre fermenters.








Brewcraft 30 Litre Fermenter.

This is the standard 30 litre Fermenter, suitable for Beer, Wine, and obviously Spirits. It comes fitted with a Tap, Digital Thermometer, Airlock/Grommet, and has the added advantage of having the volume in graduated measurements on the side.








This is a very handy little 10 liter pail, with lid, and can be used for storage of spirits, or catching your spirit during distillation. And maybe for those wine makers who just want to ferment out a 10 liter wine.